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                Top Stories

                Latest News
                • ‘Love, Victor’

                  All told, Hulu's "Love, Simon" spinoff "Love, Victor" ambles along, deliberately bland and pleasantly toothless.

                • ‘Space Force’

                  Given the talent and enormous machine behind it, Netflix's "Space Force" with Steve Carell should be better than fine.

                • ‘Legendary’

                  "Legendary," a new reality competition series about ballroom culture, is a fascinating and messy study in contrasts.

                • ‘Greyhound’

                  Tom Hanks anchors a World War II thriller that's less a drama than a tense and sturdy diary of the logistics of battle.

                • ‘Eurovision Song Contest’

                  What does the Netflix version of a Will Ferrell comedy look like? It looks like "Anchorman" or "Talladega Nights" without the laughs.

                • ‘My Spy’

                  A clever girl runs rings around a secret agent in a mildly amusing family comedy starring Dave Bautista.

                • ‘Nobody Knows I'm Here’

                  Jorge Garcia's lovely central turn and some sinister atmospherics give depth to a superbly shot drama about a recluse with a secret talent.

                • ‘The Hot Wing King’

                  Katori Hall gets belly laughs out of this comedy about an amateur cook trying to create a signature dish while chaos reigns in the kitchen.

                • ‘West Side Story’

                  Ivo Van Hove dares to fiddle with perfection in this modernized but still respectful re-working of the 1957 masterpiece.






                The Big Ticket

                with Marc Malkin


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