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                Contact Us

                Subscriptions / Account Services

                For questions about your subscription or account issues please contact our customer service team.

                Website: Click here
                Phone: 1-800-552-3632 (U.S.) / +1 818-487-4561 (outside of U.S.)
                Email: variety@pubservice.com

                For help with technical issues: submit issue here
                To subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletters: Newsletter subscription page

                Get in Contact

                For information about Variety?try the?About page
                For editorial pitches and press releases: submit news here.

                To book a Variety reporter or editor for media appearances and expert commentary: theleadpr@www.daochao36.icu

                For obituaries: submit obits here.
                For general information and comments: send comment here.

                For editorial internship inquiries: email Shalini Dore.


                With over 100 years of reporting expertise, Variety is the premier source of business news covering the entertainment and media industry. Variety is the essential read for ultra affluent and influential industry leaders who are sophisticated entertainment consumers.

                For general advertising information, contact:

                Email: advertising@www.daochao36.icu
                Call: (323) 617-9275

                Please have the following information ready:
                Brief description of your business
                Location of your business
                Whether you are inquiring about Display or Classified advertising

                For advertising on www.daochao36.icu:

                Michelle Fine-Smith
                Phone: (646) 524-2669
                Email: michelle.fine-smith@www.daochao36.icu

                Jason Greenblatt
                Phone:?(646) 524-2668
                Email: jason.greenblatt@www.daochao36.icu

                For Real Estate:

                Joseph Meehan
                Phone: (323) 617-9487

                Licensing and Syndication

                For content licensing, editorial re-use requests or custom ePrints or reprints of Daily Variety, Variety and www.daochao36.icu, please contact:


                Los Angeles
                11175 Santa Monica Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA 90025
                Tel: +1 323-617-9100
                Tel: +1 323-617-9100
                Editorial / News
                Tel: +1 323-617-9100

                Daily Variety Media Limited
                11 Golden Square
                London W1F 9JB

                Tel : +44 (0) 20 3405 5350

                New York
                475 Fifth Avenue
                New York, NY 10017
                Tel: +1 646-356-4795


                Eric Legendre
                International Account Manager
                Tel: +33 (0) 6 14 12 72 02

                Tel: +39 (06) 581-1509

                Spain and Portugal
                Tel: +34 (91) 766-1356
                Fax: +34 (91) 383-8671

                Latin America
                Tel: +1 305-228-7440
                Fax: +1 305-228-7436

                Hong Kong
                Patrick Frater
                Tel: +852-60792737

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